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#326 – Martha Davis of the Motels – The Last Few Beautiful Days

The Motels had several big hits in the early Eighties, including “Only the Lonely” and “Suddenly Last Summer.”  At a time when new albums are kind of an afterthought, The Motels have just issued one of the strongest albums of their entire career called The Last Few Beautiful Days.

Vocalist Martha Davis is reunited with Marty Jourard who provided signature saxophone and keyboards on many of their albums. This new record somehow manages to be both modern and a reflection of everything that the band has done before.

We chat with Davis about what led to this new project, and how using vintage keyboards on the new record helped give it a timeless quality .  Plus, she gives us the stories behind their biggest hits.

#78 – Martha Davis – The Motels

Martha Davis - The Motels

The Motels were one of the biggest bands of the early days of MTV, with hits like “Only the Lonely,” and “Suddenly Last Summer,” all led by the smokey vocals of Martha Davis. Icon Fetch sits down with the singer to talk about those early days, and what she’s been up to lately, including recording a jazz CD. Davis also shares her unique insight into the music business.