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#194 – Pete Anderson – Birds Above Guitarland

Guitarist / producer Pete Anderson first teamed with Dwight Yoakam in 1986.  Together, the duo formed a partnership that would set country music on it’s ear – something badly needed in the genre today.  After parting ways with Dwight in 2003, Anderson concentrated on his solo work, and producing records for others.  His list of productions include Michelle Shocked, Roy Orbison, Tanya Tucker and the Meat Puppets.

Anderson has just released his fifth solo record, Birds Above Guitarland arguably his best to date, with a real emphasis on great songwriting and singing.  We talk to Anderson about immersing himself in the music of  vocalists like Frank Sinatra & Bobby Darin, and how their swinging style helped shape the new record.  He also tells a great story about his young daughter trying to record her own CD.

#58 – Pete Anderson – Even Things Up

Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson spent 18 years as Dwight Yoakam’s guitarist and producer, helping spearhead the “back to basics” movement of the late Eighties.  He’s also produced a wide array of artists, including Michelle Shocked, Roy Orbison, Tanya Tucker and the Meat Puppets.

He’s just released a deluxe edition of his fourth solo record, Even Things Up, which adds four bonus tracks, including a searing guest vocal from Bekka Bramlett.  Icon Fetch talks with the versatile guitarist and producer about his new blues CD, some of the bands he’s worked with, and what it was like helping start a new brand of country music.