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#234 – Ian Anderson – Jethro Tull live

Ian Anderson.(Jethro Tull)

Ian Anderson led Jethro Tull for around 40 years, releasing a string of hit albums that endure to this day.  A few years ago, he began releasing records under his own name.  But, don’t worry – the classic Jethro Tull sound is still intact.  Anderson’s latest project is a live rock opera entitled  “Jethro Tull.” Yet, it’s not about the band, but rather the original person, who was an English agricultural inventor of the 1700’s.  In Anderson’s new story, he imagines that Mr. Tull is transplanted in the future, burdened with the task of feeding an ever-expanding population.  The tale is told through the inclusion of many classic Tull songs, as well as brand new pieces that Anderson has written specifically for the project.  Also keeping him busy is the ongoing reissue program of his band’s back catalog – most recently with War Child & A Passion Play.

#231 – Hugh Gilmour – Bad Company Remasters

If you’re a rock or metal fan, odds are you’ve seen Hugh Gilmour’s work. He’s been designing the art and layout for CDs, shirts, posters & DVDs for over 20 years now. He’s worked with artists as diverse as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Emerson Lake & Palmer, and his latest project, Bad Company, where he designed the artwork for the first two CDs, their debut & Straight Shooter, remastered with deluxe editions. Hugh’s got some great stuff here – photos of picture sleeves, reel tape boxes, etc. Let’s find out how he puts it all together.