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#58 – Pete Anderson – Even Things Up

Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson spent 18 years as Dwight Yoakam’s guitarist and producer, helping spearhead the “back to basics” movement of the late Eighties.  He’s also produced a wide array of artists, including Michelle Shocked, Roy Orbison, Tanya Tucker and the Meat Puppets.

He’s just released a deluxe edition of his fourth solo record, Even Things Up, which adds four bonus tracks, including a searing guest vocal from Bekka Bramlett.  Icon Fetch talks with the versatile guitarist and producer about his new blues CD, some of the bands he’s worked with, and what it was like helping start a new brand of country music.

#57 – Spencer Berger of Auditorium – Be Brave

Spencer Berger of Auditorium

Auditorium is a one-man-band project of Spencer Berger, whose new CD is called Be Brave.  The 30-minute song cycle was recorded solely by Berger in his LA bedroom.  The album utilizes very few elements; only his lead and background vocals, accompanied by his acoustic guitar and bass.  Yet, the result sounds surprisingly orchestrated, with Berger’s haunting background vocals at the forefront.  Icon Fetch talks to the leader of Auditorium about the long process of recording the CD, putting together an actual group to promote the album, and how Berger literally ran into opera-star Pavarotti while singing at the NY Met as a child.

#40 – Claude Hay – Deep Fried Satisfied

Claude Hay

Australian Claude Hay is literally a one-man band, using his custom-made twin neck guitar-bass combination, plus a looping machine, to layer instruments while he plays.  He’s just released Deep Fried Satisfied, a collection of songs as greasy and irresistible as the fast-food that inspired them.  Icon Fetch talks with Hay about making his own instruments, and his love of both American music and food.


#28 – Jim Wolf – Sleeping With Strangers

Jim Wolf

Singer/songwriter Jim Wolf’s debut, Sleeping With Strangers, is a concept album of sorts; it chronicles a relationship, start to finish, from the budding romance, commitment, and finally, breakup and recovery.  Wolf used a total of seven different studios in the process, taking several years to complete.  The Connecticut native talks with Icon Fetch about the girl behind the songs, the experience of moving to NYC, and shrugging off the comparisons to John Mayer, who is from the same hometown, and who also played in a high school band with Wolf’s older brother.  Click below for the Jim Wolf interview.

#26 – Sarah Vonderhaar – P.D.L. (Pretty Damn Lucky)

Sarah Vonderhaar
She was part of the reality series “America’s Next Top Model” on the CW back in 2007.  Chicago native Sarah Vonderhaar is also a singer/songwriter, who has released a brand new digital-only EP called P.D.L. (Pretty Damn Lucky). One of the highlights is “Howling at the Moon” which has a real classic pop sound to it.  Vonderhaar talks about the drama that surrounded the TV show, her custom-made Fender guitar, and how she’s a self-admitted “goof.”  Click below for the Sarah Vonderhaar interview.

#24 – Teeny Tucker – Keep the Blues Alive

Teeny Tucker

Teeny Tucker’s dad was the famous bluesman Tommy Tucker, who had a hit with “Hi Heeled Sneakers” back in 1964.  Teeny, who stands only 5’1″, is continuing in her father’s tradition with her new release, Keep the Blues Alive. She talks with Icon Fetch about her new CD, her writing process and the true story behind the song “Old Man Magnet.”  Click below for the Teeny Tucker interview.

#23 – Antonia Bennett – Natural

Antonia Bennett

She is the youngest daughter of Tony Bennett, Antonia Bennett has just released her debut EP called Natural.  Not surprisingly, the material is very reminiscent of her dad’s classic, piano-dominated sound.  Yet, she’s also no clone of her parent either.  Antonia’s voice is, at times, playful, and others, sultry, showing off a unique, interpretive quality befitting of her pedigree.  She’s currently touring the world, opening shows for her father.  Icon Fetch talks Ms. Bennett about following in her dad’s footsteps, playing the famed Royal Albert Hall, and having to sing the “Hokey Pokey” on stage as a kid.  Click below for the Antonia Bennett interview. 

#20 – Peter Parcek – The Mathematics of Love

Peter Parcek

Guitarist Peter Parcek is what you might call a late bloomer.  At 60 years old, he’s just released his first national release.   Hailing from the New England area, his post-high school years were spent abroad, soaking up the British blues of Eric Clapton and Peter Green, and avoiding the Vietnam combat.  Once things calmed down, Parcek returned to the States and took jobs as a school counselor and instrument salesman.  A chance meeting with blues legend Pinetop Perkins resulted in Parcek leading Perkins’ band for awhile.  After gaining more confidence, Parcek decided to strike out on his own.  The Mathematics of Love, only his second solo album, showcases his varied style, something he calls “soul guitar.”  He gets help from another legend, Al Kooper, on several of the tracks on the album.  Click below for the Peter Parcek interview.

#15 – Guy Sebastian – I Like It Like That

Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian won the inaugural season of Australian Idol and parlayed that into five top ten albums in his native country, including “The Memphis Album” that featured legendary guitarist Steve Cropper.  Now Guy has his sights set on the US, with his first domestic release “I Like It Like That.” He gets help on the new disc from John Mayer, who plays guitar on three tracks and former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, who duets with him on “Art of Love.”  Icon Fetch talks with the soul singer from “down under.”  Click below for the Guy Sebastian interview.