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#72 – Taylor Young and John Pedigo of The O’s

Taylor Young and John Pedigo of The O's

The O’s have taken the do-it-yourself attitude and ran with it.  Both members (Taylor Young and John Pedigo) play several instruments, often at the same time.  The acoustic duo has just released their second album, Between the Two, a blend of cheerful bluegrass, twangy country, and stompin’ blues, sprinkled with some Louvin-Brothers-inspired harmonies.  Both guys are veterans of several other bands (Young is still the drummer for the Polyphonic Spree).  Young sums their sound the best: “Well, we sweat too much for a folk band, drink too much for a pop band, and rock too much for a country band. Our music lies somewhere in between.”  Icon Fetch talks with both halves of the O’s about their new CD, having their tour van break down, and playing the opening of the Eight Track Museum.